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Brave Women are everywhere!

askwendyThe Brave Women 2018 Conference was amazing; what a privilege it was to be one of their exhibitors.  The conference was the brain child of Wendy Hinson, of AskWendy fame, and with a host of excellent speakers and interesting exhibitors, it really was a fantastic morning!

As an exhibitor, I naturally gravitated to networking with the other exhibitors and, not surprisingly, they were all extremely interesting to speak to and all had an undeniable passion for their particular project/business/product.

Below follows a little bit of information about each one of them; please support where you can:

Where Rainbows Meet:

3af695_eb6aa434877a4044bc688610c1b6231f-mv2_d_2646_1654_s_2Where Rainbows Meet is a training and development foundation that was founded in 2008.  They are based in Vrygrond, a multi-cultural community of nearly 40,000 and the oldest informal settlement (1900) in Western Cape.

Their mission is to economically and socially empower the women, men, and youth of informal settlement communities through skills and development training.

Dress for Success:

18527545_203254646861280_7149258270872686137_nDress for Success is an international not-for-profit organisation that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.


time2changeUsing hypnosis, which is simply a deep state of relaxation, Sophie Nortjie helps people who want to change but are somehow not quite sure how to go about it.   In hypnosis, which is 100% safe, the subconscious mind becomes accessible. The subconscious mind holds all beliefs and unhelpful thought, so these thought patterns can be accessed and changed whilst in hypnosis thus bringing about desired change.

Tercia Weideman – Miglio Independent Style Consultant:

miglioMiglio Designer Jewellery is best known for it’s versatility and interchangeable qualities. Necklaces can be worn long or short and enhanced with signature clip-on pendants. Bracelets can be linked and layered, or extended to create neckpieces. Earrings can be personalised with designer charms. while rings can stacked or worn alone for everyday simplicity.

MPower Cup:

mcupThe Mpower Menstrual Cup is a menstrual management solution for all women and is made in Cape Town, South Africa.   The cup is of local design and manufacture ensuring that safety and design standards are monitored and controlled by the owner. The storage bag provided with each Mcup is made by a community project based in Ottery, Western Cape.

And the best part of the morning? 

Well, the cup-cakes and coffee were excellent, but linking up with an ex-colleague and friend that I haven’t seem for about 30 years, was just amazing!  Suzanne Long is a cancer survivor and was one of the inspiring speakers; what a pleasure to reconnect with her!

Thank you Wendy!
I am certainly looking forward to Brave Women 2019!





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