Cuppa Daisies

Soup for the Soul

Cuppa Daisies will be serving Soup for the Soul this weekend in order to raise funds for the Morning Star PlotWatch.  Soups will be served in 200ml take-away cups and two flavours will be available to buy on the day.

cuppa soup small

Soups are personally made by Shannon Steyn, a gourmet cook (and landscaper) and soups are available from her on an order basis.  Please see her menu below.

We will have limited stock available to purchase at Cuppa Daisies (soups are sold frozen, in zip-lock bags).  See (number in brackets) for an indication of stock we will have on hand.

Butternut R15  (9 x 250ml)
Sweet Potato and Ginger R15
Roast Tomato and Basil R15 (1 x 250ml)
Potato Broccoli R15
Vegetable Soup for Vegetarians and/or Slimmers R15 (1 x 500ml, 4 x 250ml)

Carrot and Coriander R20
Mushroom and Sherry R20

Chicken Noodle R20
Potato and Bacon R20
Tomato and Bacon R20

Morrocan Lamb / Red lentil R25 (1 x 500ml)
Smoked Ham and Pea R35

Prices are per 250ml portions.

Portions can be packed into bigger portions viz.:
500ml  –  multiply 250ml price by 2
1 litre  –  multiply 250ml price by 4
2 litre  –  multiply 250ml price by 8


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