Cuppa Daisies

Why a Thrift Shop?

garage-saleFor as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed the intrigue of second-hand shops and garage sales and the excitement of finding something precious, at a jaw-droppingly good price.  I especially enjoyed the White Elephant stalls at the local church fetes or charity events and for a while, I took my children to every fete that we could find – so it’s not surprising that my passion for thrift shopping became a family obsession.

Fast forward to summer 2017:  when I heard that we were having a Christmas Market in our community, I jumped at the opportunity to manage the White Elephant stall. Up till now, I had always find these stalls to be somewhat messy and chaotic and here was my chance to create an organised stall with everything in categories and well priced; you know … how it should be!

Well, the joke was on me: I received so very many donations and such a wide variety of items,  that there was very little chance for any sorting or pricing and the stall was one chaotic stall, just like every other one I have ever been too.   However, it was also a very popular and busy stall and raised a very decent amount for our community PlotWatch.

So, I did it again two weeks later:  I hosted a Flash Sale/Open Day in the local clubhouse and after another round of successful financial takings, the thrift shop bug had seriously bitten.  

me in front of shop.jpgEnter Cuppa Daisies stage left:  with the left-over items from the December market, I had the start of my very own little shop and as I had already been selling coffee at fundraising events since our arrival in Morning Star a year before, it made sense to combine a coffee bar with the thrift shop and so Cuppa Daisies Thrift Shop and Coffee Bar opened its doors on Friday, 13th April!

With promotions taking place every Friday, our tranquil little place has developed a following of wonderful, lovely visitors coming to enjoy the delicious home-baked goods on offer – brownies, carrot cake, cup-cakes, savoury muffins, vegetarian quiche and gluten-free brownies.  We’ve also had Soup-for-the-Soul and and Home-Cooked-Meal days, promotions that have been well supported and thoroughly enjoyed.  A random selection of photos can be viewed here.

The shop offers a variety of thrift items, mostly donated, that are sold for the benefit of PlotWatch.  We also sell items left with us on consignment, that offer our buyers even more goodies including hand-knitted finger-less gloves, sun-catchers, home-made rusks and we even had some items from a pet-shop for a few days!

We are open every Friday afternoon and occasionally open on a Wednesday or Saturday as well.  Our opening times are shared on our Facebook page regularly by the delightfully enigmatic Emily Longman; who not only is one of my amazing daughters, she’s also well versed in writing her own blog posts and is currently upskilling herself in the field of social media marketing.

Till the next cup of coffee …
Michelle Longman




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