Cuppa Daisies

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Morning Star has a team of incredibly dedicated men, who give up so much of their personal time and money to protect both the Morning Star community as well as the greater Philadelphia area.  This team goes by the apt name of Plotwatch.

When Cuppa Daisies opened their doors on 13 April this year, one of our goals was to assist with raising funds for this team; and raise funds we did!  This was done via sales of donated items from the shop itself (over R9,000) and from fundraising events – see below.

On a mild winter’s evening in August, approximately 60 people gathered at Cuppa Daisies to enjoy a Boerewors Roll (or two) while sipping on the delicious wine and craft beers made at Olsh Homestead.  Despite an unscheduled Eskom outage, the event was incredibly successful both as a community get together and as a fundraiser – R4,000 was raised for Plotwatch.

Spring Dance Invite

A short month later, Zonnekus Holiday Resort hosted the inaugural Spring Dance – tickets were sold out and community members and local businesses alike dug deep into their pockets with donation-after-donation ensuring that over 50 prizes were handed out to the lucky winners. KC Disco kept the crowd on their feet and the event raised R15,000 for Plotwatch.

market flyerTwo weeks ago, the annual Morning Star Market took place. This year, it was held at Zonnekus Holiday Resort and hosted more than 40 stalls.  There was something for everyone, including a magician, boeresport & tug-of-war and the best wine slushies this side of the equator!  A team of roving videographers were on site and will make their outtakes available for purchase in due course.  The market raised R12,500 for Plotwatch.

downloadTo end off the year, one final fundraiser will take place:  a Christmas Picnic to be held on Sunday, 9th December.  Watch this space as the details unfold.

In closing – thank you to each and every person who contributed to the success of these events, including all organisers, shoppers, sponsors, vendors, participants, onlookers … just EVERYONE!

Below is a list of sponsors and vendors for your interest.  Contact details available on request.

Name Activity
Beaded Prize – Spring Dance
Blu Approved Vendor – Market
Brights Hardware Vouchers – Market
Brown Family Sponsor – Boerie Evening
Cape Applicances Prize – Market Auction
Cape Splendour Prizes – Spring Dance
Change for the Better Foundation Vendor – Market
Chrisna Smith – Homemade Rusks Vendor – Market
Crazy Pit Lady Vouchers – Spring Dance
Die Dam Huis Vouchers – Spring Dance
Faithful to Nature Prize – Spring Dance
Francis – Wire Artist Vendor – Market
Friends of Blaauwberg Conservation Vendor – Market
Green Hygiene Vendor – Market
Growing Greens Vendor – Market
Grubs Up Vendor – Market
I Felt It Vendor – Market
Jeanious Creation:
Honey Jewellery + Educational Items
Vendor – Market
Joanne Keet – Pewter Gifts Vendor – Market
KIND – environmentally friendly products Prize – Market
Linda Everitt – Tooth Fairy Items Vendor – Market
Lions – Christmas Cakes Vendor – Market
Magic Minerals Voucher – Market
Mind Body Spirit Voucher – Spring Dance and Market
Mom’s Kitchen Voucher – Spring Dance
Mucking Afazing Soaps Vendor – Market
Namaste Horses Vendor – Market
Nestle Prizes – Spring Dance
Ninja Equestrian Vouchers – Spring Dance
Olsh Homestead Sponsor – Boerie Evening
Prizes – Spring Dance
Vendor – Market
Power Tool Repairs Prizes – Spring Dance and Market
Protea Delights Vendor – Market
Raw Dog Food Vouchers – Spring Dance
RMC Videographers Vendor – Market
Russell Fox, Magician Insane Vendor & Auctioneer – Market
Sam Divinity Photographer Photo Booth – Market
Swart Family Prize – Market Auction
Tauna Collier MC – Market
The White House Stables Sponsor – Boerie Evening
Vendor – Market
West Coast Feeds Vendor – Market
Why Not Body Art Vendor – Market
Zonnekus Holiday Resort Sponsor – Boerie Evening
Prizes – Spring Dance
Prize – Market Auction
Vendor – Market


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