Cuppa Daisies, Go Fund Alice

Go Fund Alice

Go Fund Alice 3Many of our followers will know that we have been raising funds to fly Alice to her human family in the UK.  The fabulous news is – she’s likely to be flying on the 20th February.  Thank you for the amazing support!

The Canine Club has been running one last fundraiser, and these funds will help cover costs incurred in Cape Town for the last phase of the “getting-Alice-emigration-ready”.

ONE BIG PRIZE consisting of – a GORGEOUS hand-made doggy co-sleeper:  not only are they sturdy and comfortable, but they are beautiful too!

Go Fund Alice 1

Also included in the prize are three dog toys, a beautiful beige Honey wallet, and three yoga sessions (not pictured, but very much included)

Raffle tickets are R50 each. The draw will take place at 17h30, Friday 15 February at Cuppa Daisies.

Please feel free to take as many as you want! The Canine Club’s owner, Kemo, is selling the tickets, so you can contact her on 079 222 5109 or message us below using the contact form.

For more information about the Go-Fund-Alice initiative, please visit this link:

The very adorable chihuahua is not included; she’s merely our willing model!

Go Fund Alice 2





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