Cuppa Daisies

Recipe Sponsor: R250 per recipe

Cuppa Daisies, has at it’s heart, the dream of helping others.  We do this largely via our Thrift Shop; we sell donated items to raise funds for our community plotwatch – and in the process we supply much needed household items and linen to the community workers.  We love what we do! 

One of our project-specific initiatives is The Real Recipe Project.  This project is raising funds for a number of diabetic-related causes and there’s an opportunity for each and everyone to participate. 

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You see:- anyone can sponsor a recipe – individuals, families, small businesses, corporate organisations, anyone! Furthermore, you can submit your own recipe with the sponsorship, or we will allocate one to you! 

Recipes do not have to be specifically Low-Carb, rather a tried + test recipe that everyone will love (and we’ll work out and publish the nutritional information).

Profits from the sales of this recipe book will be shared with Honey’s Garden for Medical Alert DogsYouth With Diabetes as well as Diabetes South Africa: YT1.

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