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Why YOU Need a Domain Name

Facebook Application IconHaving your own domain name for your business is vital, even if you don’t have a website yet!

It’s important to note that a domain name can point to your Facebook, Instagram, Blog, or almost anywhere you have a online presence and can be changed at any time to point somewhere else as your business grows and your online presence changes.


  • It’s very professional
  • It is excellent for branding and marketing
  • Great for search engines
  • Own personalised redirected email address e.g.

Examples: points to a WordPress website points to an Online Music Store points to a Page on a WordPress website

Special Offer:

We believe so totally in the importance of a domain name that we would like to help you get your very own!

For only R350 we will:

  • research relevant domain names to see what is available.
  • secure your preferred (available) domain name.
  • link to your EXISTING online platform.
  • create an email REDIRECT to your actual email address.


  • This offer is valid till 8 August 2019 only
  • Payment is required before we can secure the domain name
  • The domain name is renewed annually; after this promotion the annual cost will be R450.

Please contact Michelle on or WhatsApp.

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