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Why Valentine’s Day?

14 February, well-known as Valentine’s Day, is synonymous with LOVE; but where did this loved-up holiday originate?

Most of us know that it’s associated [somehow] with a mysterious Saint Valentine … and it’s quite a story!


“Saint Valentine was a priest who conducted marriage ceremonies (and other services) in third-century Rome.
The emperor at the time was Claudius II, who had the bright idea that men would make better soldiers if they were all single.
As a result of his new theory, he banned marriage for young men, prompting Valentine to strongly disagree with him.
Rather than go along with the new law, the good-natured priest carried on with the marriage ceremonies, meaning that many young people across the country could still get married.
Of course, Claudius II was appalled by this when he found out what was going on, and had poor Valentine killed off.”

Why February?


There are some interesting theories as to why this special love-day is celebrated in February, although the most common is that it was this month in which St Valentine was martyred.  Two hundred years after his appalling death, Pope Gelasius became the head of the Catholic Church, and decreed 14 February as Valentine’s Day, although it was actually only associated with love so much later on:

“Legend has it that Saint Valentine was imprisoned and sent a
message to his lover signed ‘From your Valentine’.”


“The people of the Middle Ages believed 14 February saw the
start of the mating season for birds.”


Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate love.

—Pngtree—vector love birds_2533181Many hundreds of years later, Valentine’s Day cards started being mass-produced with the cards of the 1840’s being manufactured with lace, ribbons and other decorations.  In today’s world, there are one billion Valentine’s Day cards purchased EVERY year with approximately 85% of them bought by women.



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