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What is a MARKET?

Cuppa Daisies has been involved in markets for many years i.e. we’ve organised many markets, we’ve been vendors at even more markets and we’ve spent an endless amount of money shopping at markets over many decades.  😊

But what is a MARKET?  The Oxford Dictionary describes a market as “a regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities.” 

Of course, the type of markets we are referring to are less about trading in livestock and more about the selling of craft and hand-made items (ranging from knitwear, leather goods, woodwork, paper crafts and cards, jewellery, gifts-in-jars, and so that list goes on.  But, as the public demand for markets has grown, so has the type of products that you will find at markets e.g. gone are the days of hosting a Tupperware Party; you can now find your favourite storage container at a market.

Markets have provided a space for many, many small business owners and entrepreneurs to show a public face for a relatively low cost and the upside is that the public can stay away from the busy malls, if this is not their preferred way of shopping.  Many shoppers prefer the more casual and relaxing experience of shopping at a market.

Boot sales have been around for many, many years i.e. parked cars on an open field and folks selling their 2nd-hand items from the boot of their car and off camping tables.  However, not all markets accept boot-sale-type vendors and so T1-Together Cuppa Daisies is grateful to have been selected at two Christmas Markets this year.

We are honoured that the Table Bay Mall Christmas Market selected us as their charity of choice and you will find our table flooded with a variety of lovely bric-a-brac as well as CDs and Vintage LPs.  

We are also represented at the Market at the Barn in Klipheuwel.  This fun market, inside a lovely farm barn, offers visitors over 70 exhibitors. 

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