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Why Must I Think Small?

At Networking Hour, on 5 May, I asked the networking daisies why they attend the networking events.  Although the answers were varied, they were all sincere and inspirational, with a strong theme of SUPPORT and WOMEN:

Here is the feedback, in no specific order:

  • To see people and combat cabin fever
  • Therapeutic
  • Connect with like-minded women
  • Women supporting women
  • Like to purchase from other women
  • It’s a joy to be around powerful and creative women
  • You don’t know who people know – networking on steroids
  • Learn something new
  • Networking is so important
  • It’s not limited to specific industry
  • Non-judgemental support
  • Opportunity to ask more questions

And the comment that really resonated with me, “Why Must I Think Small?”

Bright Idea

Or the converse of that – by thinking big – you can motivate yourself to improve your work life, earn more money, be happy, get more fulfillment out of life; literally anything you put your mind to.  We don’t need to be incredibly intelligent or unique (although we love that we are both of these things) to have the success you want, you simply need to think in a way that leads to success.

Mind Power by John Kehoe
Mind Power by John Kehoe

When I was working as an Executive Assistant, I was often asked to copy-type highlighted content from non-fiction books that the CEO would then use for his personal use.  One of these books was John Kehoe’s Mind Power into the 21st Century.  I got so engrossed in the book that I stopped typing completely and just read and read and read and read.  I loved it so much and it was a turning point in my life; I attended a mind power course and cultivated the knack of positive thinking. I loved the book so much that I would buy these books, at my own personal expense, and hand them out as prizes whenever I spoke at conferences for office professionals.

Much has been written about thinking big and the power of the mind, so I’m not going to wax lyrical much more on this topic; I really just wanted to share this very powerful question “Why Must I Think Small”. 

When I started the Networking Daisies in September 2021, I was thinking small – I only wanted a certain number of people and I wanted a venue close to my home.  But soon I realised that this was not about me, it was about the people who attended the events and they weren’t thinking small, so how could I?  Now, not only are there two events per month, in a centrally-located suburb, but we are embarking on our Business Networking Event that is destined not to be small! 

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