Networking Daisies

Michelle’s Networking Daisies

When I started the Networking Daisies in 2021, I was very open about the fact that I intended to keep the breakfast events to 24 or 25 people.  This number represents the perfect number for networking and I was pretty adamant that I would keep the breakfasts at that number and if need be, I would start a second event. 

And start a second event is exactly what I did.  😊  I took the opportunity to give the new event a different spin thus opening up the Daisies to a bigger network without having to attend both events (** more about this later). 

The model below gives an indication of the difference in the events we arrange.  They all take place in Sunningdale, on the West Coast, and except for the Business Networking Event, are for women only.

The breakfast and hour events provide a safe, social place for women to connect, support and encourage one another with mechanisms to encourage hot leads and business growth.  There are no sign-up or membership fees; Daisies pay upfront for the event they want to attend and there are no additional costs (except if they have two coffees 😊)

Daisies have the opportunity to provide prizes and goody bag contributions, providing additional opportunities to grow product and business awareness.  They also have the option to belong to a WhatsApp group on which they can share their businesses and request referrals for recommended businesses.  Daisies only have access to this group if they have attended at least ONE event in the LAST THREE months.  This means that the group remains current and active. 

** Every single Daisy that has touched the networking group in some way or another (a guest, a sponsor, a supplier) is added to a Contact List that is updated and shared with the group immediately after every event.  This means that anyone that has ever attended an event will be represented on that list; providing opportunities for current daisies to network with them.

As with any business, there are some T&C’s and these are depicted below.

Because Michelle has been networking since … forever … she has built up an impressive list of contacts for almost any business so even if the business you are looking for is not currently within her network, she can probably give you a lead anyway.  😊

The following dates have been scheduled for the balance of 2022; there might still be one or two more events planned in October / November.

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