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Michelle and Andy Longman – an unconventional couple who decided to “rebel” against society after life offered them not one but many lemons.

They have found refuge in a small community of small holdings where it’s expected (not just accepted) that you have a multitude of pets including dogs, cats, ducks, birds, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens.

Michelle is now fully into the swing of farm-life and has found her niche in assisting fellow community members by designing flyers, assisting at markets, selling goods and baking cupcakes.  However, if you interested in Michelle’s corporate history – you can find it here:

During the day, Andy is the Branch Sales Manager at Rutherford, successfully selling Makita power tools to dealers and builders alike.  At night, he’s a farmer – enjoying the freedom to toil his land, ride his quad bike or just sit and enjoy the peace.

Wanna contact us?  Please do – we love being in contact with like-minded folks.  Email is best: