Wolveriver Children

Wolveriver is a Incremental Development Area (IDA) situated just behind Morning Star.

“What started out as a simple supplemental feeding scheme for around 30 children has grown exponentially, to a stage were donations are feeding close on 150 children a meal a day.” 

The initiative was originally started by a Wolveriver community member, Magdalene.  With no assistance from Provincial or National Government, she fed local children out of her own pocket, just so they wouldn’t go to school hungry.

More recently, with the help of Morning Star residents, Magdalene is now getting regular donations of foodstuff, electricity and equipment.  This has enabled her to assist even more children from the area.”

Charmaine Engelbrecht accepts donations of clothing and shoes and sells these items to support this feeding scheme.  In December 2017, a Christmas Party was held for these children – each and every child received treats and were given goody bags.

Charmaine can be reached on 083 263 7880.